Discount and Concessions

Discount schemes for passengers – Apart from superb quality of customer service & best quality of buses, HRTC has designed its discount schemes according to the need of its target customers. HRTC’s discount schemes are very attractive & fruitful therefore passengers love to travel through HRTC’s buses. Concession for child, if your child is from 0 to 5 years old he will travel freely in all HRTC buses without having a seat & if your child is 5 years to 12 years old than he will be charged 50% of ticket cost. You can avail HRTC’s all discount schemes from all its main bus stations. HRTC has mainly three discount schemes for its passengers. The first one is a group discount scheme- if you have a group of ten or more than ten passengers, you can avail this scheme through which you can get 10% discount on fare.

The second one is Smart Card Scheme- you can buy a smart card against a payment of INR 50.00, which will be valid for one year. If you buy a smart card, you will get 10% discount for travelling in HRTC buses & if you are a senior citizen than you are allowed to get 20% concession in fare. You can buy smart card from all HRTC’s main bus stations.

Third one is Yellow Card Scheme- this scheme is for those people who travel in bet been of few stations daily. Under yellow card scheme you can get 20% discount in the fare of 40km’s radius from the place issued the card OR the place requested by you. The validity of yellow card is one year & you can buy the card against the payment of INR 50.00. You can buy yellow card from all HRTC’s main bus stations.

If you want to avail HRTC discount schemes, please contact your nearly HRTC’s bus station or booking centre.